Donna Berry, Coach
Donna Berry, Coach


Coaching is helpful to move forward easily in your job, projects, and relationships. Do you have a new job? Are you

stuck and going round and round in a relationship? Were you eager to take on this project and now not sure where to start?

Would you like someone to talk to who will fully listen?


Coaching is confidential. Nothing you say will be shared anywhere. You are the expert and we will discuss what you define as your overall goal and individual session topics.


Donna will be your companion, asking you questions that clarify the situation, bringing you back to what you have actually said, but it went by so fast you missed it. You will gain confidence that you can do what you plan to do. You will be clearer about your plan and also about what is really stressing you or holding you up in forward motion.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an age old practice of talking to an advisor about your faith. You could be new to faith in God and want to discuss growing in that relationship with the divine. You could be a long time person of faith who wants to share where you are and what is going on in your life and how the divine is part of that. Donna will listen and do my best to facilitate what the spirit is saying to your soul. This is such a beautiful honor for me.

Would coaching be right for you?

I, Donna K Berry, am credentialled by the International Coaching Federation since 2017. I have hundreds of hours of experience. I am certified in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction by the United Methodist Church since 2014.  I am seminary trained in Basic Graduate Theological Studies and Spiritual Formation/Direction.  The first session is always complementary to enable us to get to know each other and let you decide if we are a match for working together.


Coaching is confidential always. You determine what we talk about and what decisions you want to make. You create your plan forward. I am the listener, asking clarifying questions.

Contact me at or 505-604-4487

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